The main types of services provided by the establishment will be detailed below.

1. Providing consulting and training services to individuals and institutions regarding the banking sector

2. Connecting with an institution that provides financial services for individuals and institutions.

3. To work together by preparing a “Memorandum of Understanding” so that individuals and organizations can get banking services that are beneficial to them.

4. Delivering new and fresh information about the financial sector through the organization’s social media pages, raising awareness of the products and services of all banks, and choosing a bank that provides better service to members and followers of social media.

5. To provide training and awareness services to bank staff, microfinance staff on the policies of the National Bank.

6. To take full representation and manage the relationship of individuals and institutions with the bank.

7. Connecting and following up with financial institutions so that individuals and institutions can get credit services, managing the loan until it is fully paid and completed, working to find a solution according to the banks and the National Bank’s loan guidelines and the police if the borrower fails to pay the loan.