Regional Offices

No.Office NameTelephone NumbersTownRemarks
1.Afar Regional State President +251336660056Semera
2.Afar Regional State Vice President Office+251336660049Semera
3.Afar Regional State President Office+251336660058 Semera
4.Tigray Regional State President Office+251344409192/ +251344407723Mekele
5.Tigray Regional State Investment Office+251344408522/ +251914720348/ +251344408403Mekele
6.Harari Regional State President Office+251256660452/ +251915743096/ +251256661799Harari
7.Harari Regional State Investment Office+251256663033/ +251915745833/ +251256671427Harari
8.Harari Regional State Trade and Industry OfficeT+251256660110/ +251915743619/ +251256664254 Harari
9.Amhara Regional State President +251582200923/ +251582201068 Bahir Dar
10.Amhara Regional State Vice President Office+251582200222/ +251582201068 Bahir Dar
11.Amhara Regional State President Office+251582200499/ +251582201665 Bahir Dar
12.Amhara Regional State Environment and Land Administration Authority+251582182164/ +251582202275Bahir Dar
13.Amhara Regional State Trade and Industry Office+251582204122/ +251582201063Bahir Dar
14.Amhara Regional State Investment Promotion Office+251582200640/ +251582202033 Bahir Dar
15.Amhara Regional State Urban and Development Office+251582200630/ +251582202457 Bahir Dar
16.Amhara Regional State Culture and Tourism Office+251582201133 +251582202650 Bahir Dar
17.SNNP Regional State Diaspora and communication Office+251462202407/ +251462206189 Hawassa
18.Oromia Regional State Diaspora coordination OfficeAddis Ababa
19.Oromia Regional State Investment Commission+251115531521/ +251115531520 Addis Ababa
20.Benishangul Gumuz Regional State President Office+251577750109/ +251577750841 AssosaP.O.Box . 44
21.Benishangul Gumuz Regional State Vise President Office+251577750117/ +25157775084Assosa
22.Benishangul Gumuz Regional State Investment Office+251577750128/ +251577750271AssosaP.O.Box 120
23.Benishangul Gumuz Regional State Communication, Culture Tourism and Social Affairs Office+251577750873/ +251577750286AssosaP.O.Box 289/49
24.Benishangul Gumuz Regional State Investment promotion and Research Office+251577750910 +251577750271Assosa P.O.Box 120
25.Gambela Regional State Diaspora Coordination Office+251475511549 Gambela
26.Somali Regional State Diaspora Coordination Office+251257752187/ +251257752622Jijiga
27.Dire Dawa City Administration Diaspora Coordination Office +251251113562/ +251251115243 +251251111072Dire Dawa
28.Dire Dawa City Administration Mayor+251251111358/ +251251111072 Dire Dawa
29.Dire Dawa City Administration Mayor Office+251251120971/ +251251111072 Dire Dawa
30.Dire Dawa City Administration Trade and Industry Office+251251110241/ +251251125941Dire Dawa
31.Dire Dawa City Administration Manager Office+251251111463/ +251251112772Dire Dawa
32.Dire Dawa City Administration Land Development Authority+251251114137 Dire Dawa
33.Dire Dawa City Administration Infrastructure and Construction Office+251251114138 Dire Dawa
34.Dire Dawa City Administration Investment Department+251251113234 Dire Dawa
35.Addis Ababa City Administration Investment +251111578208 +251111578209Addis Ababa